Welcome to the flute studio!!!!

Lessons are available on a year-round monthly basis or by semester.  Tuition is based on a flat semester rate with the last week being for make-up lessons.   

 Lessons Schedule

Fall Semester: August - December
Spring Semester: January - April
Summer Semester: May - July

Tuition Schedule


  • Lump sum at the beginning of the semester (August, January, May)
  • Monthly via PayPal or Venmo automatic billing 

Standard Tuition

For lessons given at my home, lessons taught at the student's home (plus +$80 for travel fees) and Skype lessons. At this time, only PayPal monthly billing is accepted for Skype lessons. 

Lesson Time Semester Lump Sum Monthly (via PayPal)
30 minutes $480 (Aug, Jan, May) $120
60 minutes $960 $240

All other locations please click on the link below to take you to your school's page with tuition info and lesson contract. If you wish to take lessons year round, to include the summer semester, the monthly rate is the same, due on the 1st of each month. Please sign the contract and bring it with you to your first lesson.

Lessons Contracts: