Currently Skype is on a wait list status.  If you are interested in Skype lessons, send me a request and I will let you know when a slot opens up.

For our distance learners, lessons are offered online via Skype.  For more information please fill out the registration form and indicate you are interested in Skype lessons.  Skype lessons are currently only offered to high school level and above.  Qualifications, you must have:

Fill out the registration form and we will set up an initial trial to make sure all things work well. During the call we will discuss lesson scheduling, after which I will give you a login ID and password to this site.  Log in and select "automatic billing" and will be billed monthly via PayPal (currently, this is the only option we accept - contact us for more details). You will be billed every month until you cancel your subscription and you may cancel, with one month's notice.  If a lesson needs to be missed by me every effort will be made to reschedule.  If that lesson is not able to be made up within the month, it will carry over until it is made up.  If a lesson by the student is missed without 24 hours prior notification, just like live lessons, that lesson will be forfeit.