I will be teaching at Hume-Fogg on Thursdays and a little on Wednesdays. These are usually single period and double period even days.  As we all know, sometimes that changes.  I will communicate with you guys via email and on the band Facebook page. You MUST check your email at least once a week, preferably Monday. Log into your MTH account and check the schedule when in doubt, I will always update it first.

 Hume-Fogg High School

Length Lump Sum Monthly via PayPal
Single Period $264 $68
Double Period $528 $135

**If you are on scholarship, payment for lesson is still due at the same times: lump sum at first lesson or on the first of each month. Please make sure you get the form from Dr. Ripani, take it home and fill it out, bring it back to him ASAP for approval and then bring it to me at our first lesson.**