What is the supply fee and what does it cover?

The supply fee is an optional, once-a-year fee that is used to cover materials and expenses for each student.  In the past, I would buy a student music, thumb saddles, cleaning paper, swabs, etc. and the parent would, on a revolving basis, pay me back.  To save hassle in this process, this fee covers all music, books, cleaning materials and other instruments the student may need during the year.  This fee also helps to cover administrative costs, bookkeeping and recital fees (booking the space, accompanist fees and refreshments).  The fee is non-refundable and due July 1 (or August 1 if the student begins in August) and is pro-rated depending on when the student begins lessons.


Money is a little tight, do you offer scholarships?

I do not personally offer scholarships. However, there are several schools where I teach that the band program helps to offset the cost of lessons by offering a scholarship.  In this case, you will be billed the amount for each month, the school must agree to their portion and you will be responsible for paying your portion monthly, as noted in the Financial Lesson Contract.

Another opportunity is group lessons.  Group lessons allows up to 3 students to be put together in a single private lesson time slot.  Each student gets the benefit of having individualized time, while also benefiting from the cammeraderie and motivation to perform well in front of their peers. I find that this is an excellent option for beginners, those with lower self-confidence and competitive types.  For group lessons, the rate is $60/month ($61 for Nashville).

What are group lessons?

See above.

What group classes will be offered during the summer and what times?

Times and dates are still being fleshed out - watch the website for more details.  This information will also be emailed to you.  The group classes will consist of sight-reading, flute choir reading, masterclasses, and group performing.  It is a fantastic way to benefit from playing with your peers and giving you the motivation you need to practice from week to week!